BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette


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Today I’m reviewing the BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette – 3rd Edition. This is an eyeshadow palette that claims to be cruelty-free, vegan, and allergy tested, and comprises of half brights and pastels and half smokey deep colors. This palette retails for 17.99 (though BH cosmetics is often on sale) and is sold pretty much exclusively on their website from what I can tell. The packaging is a matte black plastic with white letters along the bottom describing the product and also the logo. Only the first 60 colors are shown at first, alongside a mirror that sits in the middle of the lid. Lifting the tray reveals the other 60 shades. I will not list them all because there are a lot and they have no names, but there is every shade you can conceive in this palette.

The pans for these shadows are a little smaller than others I’ve reviewed, but they make up for it with the sheer amount of colors you get in this palette. The palette is also larger – it runs the length of the Morphe palettes, though not quite as tall (about 2/3 as tall or a bit more than that). The pigmentation isn’t terrifying (in either direction) and this seems to be a good beginners palette so far. You get such a range of colors and they’re fairly decently blendable. I think its worth it – even moreso on one of BH Cosmetics’ many sales.


Naked Smoky Palette

So I am back! Irma did very little to me – I was one of the lucky ones. Still without power in some places and work is miserable, but I do what I can!


So this week is one of the cult favorite Urban Decay Naked palettes – Smoky. Smoky is 54 dollars retail on UD website, Sephora, and Ulta, but many times it’s on sale for 27 dollars. This palette is 12 shades and comes with its own brush (and it’s a fairly nice fluffy/smudge brush to boot). The packaging is a hard plastic, the words on the front raised above a grey smoke decal. The Naked palettes are magnetic-closed and have a mirror along the length of the inside. They’re somewhat thick palettes, but they’re narrow, making them a little easier to travel with.

Now, Naked Smoky has 12 shades for the perfect smoky eye. These colors are:

  • High – Pale pink/nude shimmer
  • Dirtysweet – Golden shimmer
  • Radar – Deep bronze/taupey shimmer
  • Armor – Grey/blue shimmer
  • Slanted – Silver satin
  • Dagger – Charcoal grey satin
  • Black Market – Black satin
  • Smolder – Deep purple shimmerish
  • Password – Deep greige matte
  • Whiskey – Cool brown matte
  • Combust – Beige matte
  • Thirteen – Pale cream matte


As far as these shadows, they are drier than other shadows I’ve reviewed. Does this make them less good? No. They are high-pigment and high-blendability with my limited brush selection (two and a half brushes) and novice skill level. They’re not perfect for everybody and may have a tendency to cling to the eye instead of move for some eyes, but the formula works well and many people rave about them.

Is this my favorite Naked palette? No. It isn’t even mine, I borrowed it. Is it my favorite palette ever? No. Does it smell good? No. It has no fragrance, which is good for sensitive eyelids. However, Naked Smoky is a good palette, and has great day and night shades for the smoky AND the “raccoon” eye looks!


If I EVER get my YouTube running it’ll be (here).

Morphe 35W Palette


Hey all! This week’s review is on the Morphe 35W palette. I bought this palette at a convention in May from the Arda Wigs booth. The palette itself retails for 23 dollars on their website and 20 plus shipping on Arda Wigs.

The packaging of Morphe palettes are long, thin plastic rectangles with a slight bevel. They’re black with the Morphe logo on it and snap closed, making the palette feel a bit more secure. The size of the palette is a bit large than typical, likely due to the 35 colors inside it (hence the name of the palette), but it is space saving in its design. The inside of the palette only hosts the color pans – there is no mirror or design. The simplicity of the palette makes the colors stand out, and the top half is thin but could house a mirror if one wanted a diy project. Simple and easy.

As far as the palette itself, the first thing I noticed (due to a friend who really likes smelling makeup) is that the palette smells like bubble solution. It could be a formula thing, a palette thing, or a me thing, but it definitely smells like bubble solution. The colors themselves do not smell when applied to the face though. As far as range of colors, Morphe’s 35 palettes tend to be really good at mixing matte and shimmer shades for the best layout, from a light shimmery cream to both a matte and shimmer black. This collection of colors leans towards peach, bronze, and plum, and I will not identify every shade but will post a picture.


The first time I tried the palette, I wasn’t really impressed by it. However, the second time I tried the colors blended so smoothly and were pigmented, so I blame the first attempt on myself. There are shades for everyone in this palette and it (along with its counterparts) are good ‘kit’ palettes as well as personal. They come in a variety of types (matte, shimmer, and mixed) and could be a good, affordable palette if you’re looking for a lot of colors.

PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries

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I was going to try to keep this on a consistent schedule, and then life happened. Then other things happened, and now I’m here at 12:30 AM doing a review for an eyeshadow palette on a website. (It’s worth it.)


Today I’m reviewing the Soiree Diaries eyeshadow palette from PUR Cosmetics. This palette is only (to my knowledge) retailing on PUR’s website for 34 dollars and consists of 12 shades.┬áThe packaging itself is that of a typical palette – made in a somewhat hard cardboard-like material that is firm and holds shadows in place whilst maintaining flexibility. However, the design is what makes this palette (and its sister) stand out. The design of this palette is a white marbled design with reflective copper lettering. It’s classy and done just right to make a soiree imaginable.

Soiree Diaries has 12 shades – eight matte shades and four shimmers. These shades come in a circle pan and as follows are:

  • Private Party – Matte light cream
  • Socialite – Matte light peach
  • Gala – Matte light beige
  • Mogul – Matte light
  • Splurge – Matte cool brown
  • Stunner – Matte warm brown
  • Snazzy – Matte cocoa brown
  • Epic – Matte deep brown
  • Glitzy – Shimmer copper
  • Twinkle – Shimmer rose gold
  • Dazzle – Shimmer champagne
  • Cosmo – Shimmer deep brown/purpleish (it’s a bit hard to tell in my lighting)


These shadows are incredibly smooth and buttery. They swatch well (the shimmers swatching the best) and are blendable. There isn’t a lot of fallout, though there can be some glitter from the shimmer shades, and these colors are excellent for a day or night look.

Whether going to an outing or an all-night soiree (see what I did there) this palette can keep up with it all. Does it smell as good as Too Faced chocolate? Nah. But it performs extraordinarily well and will be great for any look nonetheless.

For a live swatch and hijinks, watch my youtube review (LINK)! My youtube reviews are similar but have more sarcasm.


Too Faced Cosmetics: Chocolate Bon Bons

Reviewing this pink box of chocolate.

Hey all! Welcome.


Today’s review is about the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette. This eyeshadow palette retails for $49 US at Sephora, Ulta, and on their website and consists of 16 shades. At about $3 dollars an eyeshadow, this is a fairly good price. The palette also comes in a metal case, with all print and design printed into the case itself. There are no stickers and the case feels substantial. The case is hinged, and the inside houses the shadows and a mirror which has the palette name surrounding it. The palette is also a good size for travel, even as a full-sized palette, and when coupled with a hard case it’s easy to reach for.

This palette comes in 16 cool-toned shades. These shades consist of four mattes, ten shimmers, and two highlighter shades. Each shade (with the exception of the highlighters) come in a heart-shaped pan and are:

  • Almond Truffle – a matte mauve
  • Satin Sheets – light shimmery pink with gold
  • Sprinkles – Light shimmery pink
  • Molasses Chip – A golden-brown shimmer
  • Malted – Mid brown with copper shimmer
  • Cashew Chew – Light satin cream
  • Cotton Candy – Pink shimmer
  • Cafe Au Lait – A taupe shimmer
  • Bordeaux – A matte, warm brown
  • Mocha – A matte, cool brown
  • Black Currant – Deep purple shimmer
  • Dark Truffle – A dark purple shimmer
  • Pecan Praline – A matte greige (grey and beige)
  • Totally Fetch – A fuschia pink with shimmer
  • Earl Grey – A deep smokey blue with shimmer
  • Divinity – A matte cream


The shades are incredibly blendable and swatch well, though swatches aren’t as pigmented as some others. The shadows are also fairly hard-pressed and so don’t have as much fallout.

The best part about this palette is it, like it’s brethren in the chocolate series, smells like chocolate. A go-to for chocolate lovers and fans of these colors, Chocolate Bon Bons is a good addition to the family and will likely be a staple of mine until it’s gone.


For a live swatch and hijinks, watch my youtube review (here when it’s up)!

(Mostly because the swatch pictures were horrendous.)